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Ventilation Filters 

Running your HRV, Smartvent, DVS, Moisture master, SVS, Harrisons i-vent or Sayr system without an effective filter won't do a thing. Without one, your home ventilation system can't remove allergens, pollen and dust from the air in your home.

But with some home ventilation systems requiring a lot of filters, getting them changed can be pretty pricey!

Fortunately, Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists have come to the rescue with our great prices.


These ventilation filters offer high level filtration and are suitable for use in HRV,Smartvent,DVS,Moisture master,SVS,Harrisons i-vent,weiss and Sayr systems and many more. The F8 filters, suitable for HRV,SVS,Harrisons i,vent and smartvent systems, is the most efficient product on the market for cleaner air.

If it's time to retire your HRV,Smartvent or DVS systems old filter, click on one of the options below. We will come to your home and install a new filter and even reset filter light on control panel so you know when its due for it's next filter change, we will even take away your old filter.


HRV Water Filters

Your HRV water filters need to be changed every 12 months we use 1 x 10" Jumbo 20-1 Micron and 1 x 10" Jumbo GAC/KDF Media Filter.

We recommend that your HRV filters are changed every 24 months. The HRV filter light will come on to let you know the filter needs changing. Smartvent filters should be changed between 12-24 months depending on the atmosphere. The smartvent system will tell you when they are ready for replacement. DVS filters should be changed every 12 months the DVS filter light will come on to let you know aswell.

Replacing your HRV,SVS,Harrisons i-vent,Smart Vent,DVS,Moisture master,Weiss or Sayr systems filter will help reduce the amount of toxins, allergens, pollen and dust in your home and help your system run more efficiently.

Hrv filter
hrv filter replacement auckland
dvs filter replacement auckland

How Often Should Your Ventilation systems filter be replaced


If you would like to buy your own filter and install it yourself head on over to Filter Specialists website and buy your own DIY filter for HRV,DVS,Smart Vent,Sayr,Weiss,Harrisons i-vent,SVS,RVS or Moisture master systems. There filters come with easy to install instuctions.


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