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Auckland's Top Heat Pump Cleaning Company


A coil & duct disinfectant with a long lasting pleasant EUCALYPTUS fragrance is applied, followed up with the powerful but safe steam clean that acts as a gentle water blaster. This is followed by a good flush off. The filters are cleaned with an air filter cleaner degreaser. This will leave your heat pump with a nice smell. 

Indoor Unit
  • Check the operating temperature and airflow efficiency before and after service.

  • Remove filters and spray with a degreaser that kills any bacteria or fungi growing on them.Then scrub them clean.

  • Spray a degreaser on the coils and fan motor. We then use special steam machine to get in to the tight spots and get rid of fungi or bacteria growing inside. We catch all the dirt in a bag underneath.

  • Remove any fine dust in and around the unit.

  • Change remote batteries if they need changing.

Outdoor unit
  • Apply cleaning solution to fins and coil.

  • Clear foliage from around outside unit.

  • Clean intake screens.

  • Clean and check fan blades.

  • Test and check noise levels.

  • Check for any vermin, if any, spray with bug killer.

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