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The man behind Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists is Neil Duff. 

He worked for many years as a air conditioning technician. But went on to become a qualified fire alarm technician and in his travels, Neil recognised homeowners and businesses needed a convenient and reliable service to look after heat pumps. 

His electrical skills transfer perfectly to heat pump technology and he understands the importance of looking after clients' needs, privacy and comfort. 

We are happy to climb ladders, wrestle with overgrown foliage and eliminate nasty creepy crawlies, while homeowners and workers continue with their busy days.


With the growth of the business we have taken on another technician Evan who has a great background in the industry and is fully trained for the job.

We love nothing more than tackling dirt and dust to ensure homes and offices are the perfect temperature and the air they breathe is clean and healthy. 

Based at Whangaparaoa new zealand, Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists currently focuses on Auckland properties. 



Did you know

Manufacturer warranties won't cover damage caused by the creepy critters that leave their damaging calling cards on electrical circuit boards. 
Cleaning away a little poop can be a big money saver

"People know they should clean the filters of their heat pumps but very few know the full maintenance that needs to be regularly completed or who to call. I'm their man".

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