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  • Does your Heat pump need to be cleaned?

  • How often should Heat pumps be cleaned?

  • Did you know that 90 % of failures are due to homeowners not cleaning their Heat pumps?

    - This can cut your power bill by $250 annually.

    - We clean all makes and models



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What We Do At Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists

Often people think a quick vacuum of the indoor filter is all that is necessary to keep their heat pump running smoothly but Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists know much more is involved in keeping units in tip top order. 
Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists service the interior and exterior units of all makes and models of heat pumps - removing dirt, dust, mould, bacteria, insects and vermin. 
It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to give a heat pump a full service.

Cancellation need to be made 24 hours before or there is a cancellation fee.

We also replace ventilation filters in HRV,Smartvent,DVS,Moisture master,Sayr systems and many more at a fraction of the price that you would pay elsewhere.

We also can change your HRV water filters

Cleaner, Warmer And Healthier heat Pumps 

Heat pumps conveniently keep our homes and workplaces warm or cool and a regular service from Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists ensures the heat pump delivers peak performance and continuous comfort. 
When we need to warm up or cool off it's easy to flick a switch and think nothing more about the ants and cockroaches that may have taken up residence in the outdoor circuit board of a heat pump.
Also leaves, dirt and debris around the outdoor coil can seriously reduce airflow and efficiency or at worst, cause complete coil and compressor failure. 
Airborne dirt and dust trapped in indoor filters and coils is a big drain on the efficiency of heat pumps and if it's not removed, power consumption can jump up by 10 to 35%. 
An annual service and clean with the Heat Pump Cleaning Specialist could cut your power bill by $250 every year. 

Increase the life of your heat pump with regular cleaning. Dirt, dust and grim
blocks airflow and can cause compressor failures. 

How Often Should Heat Pumps Be Serviced

We recommend heat pumps are serviced annually. It is estimated that 90% of failures are due to home owners not cleaning their heat pumps.

Cancellation need to be made 24 hours before or there is a cancellation fee.

Healthier Enviroment

Most importantly, the health of everyone in your home and workplace is enhanced when the air is cleaner, free from pollens and dust that become trapped in filters.

Any yeasts, moulds or bacteria are also safely sanitised away.


If you get eczema or asthma then you should be getting your heat pump serviced and cleaned atleast once a year to prevent allergies.
Bacteria, mould and fungi thrive in damp and humid conditions that can be found in heat pumps all around new zealand. Specialised and intensive cleaning will prevent harmful growths and reduce dust mites that can cause health problems for you and your family. Auckland based heat pump cleaning specialists will come to your home or office and service and clean your heat pump to insure you and your family stay healthy.

Cost Effective Service/ Area's Covered

Heat Pump Cleaning Specialists will come to your home or office in Auckland and fully clean your heat pump. From as far South as Manurewa, Rodney in the North, Kumeu/Titirangi in the West, and Howick/Beachlands in the East. 

Get a healthy discount too for cleaning additional heat pumps on the same property. 

10% Super Gold Card discount for heat pump servicing.


I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the technician (Chris,I think his name was) it was the first time our unit had been cleaned in the manner it was, also my husband went to our daughter’s home at Northfield Rd, Waitakere and that Technician also did an excellent job.

Arlene and Lars Meder "november 2017"


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